3Ds Max Export

Convert your 3ds Max model to a fully immersive true-to-life scale virtual reality model, instantly.


Ensure that your materials are set to the default materials in 3Ds Studio Max. And that your export units result in 1 Unit = 1 Meter. This might mean changing the global units in the file.

Project Information - 3Ds Max


Unfortunately we are not yet able to extract gps information from your 3Ds Max file.

Model Preparation - 3Ds Max


Please make sure your model is as clean as possible to ensure best performance. When in doubt pro-optimize

Exporting a .WALK File


The Exporter will export everything that is visible in the view. Please hide objects and layers that does not require exporting.

  1. Export from the File>Export Menu.

Export your file as an .OBJ

  1. Select the high-lighted .OBJ Export options

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OBJ Export

Enjoy your WALK


FAQ - 3Ds Max

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